13 Most Beautiful Super-Moon Photos you should watch

You probably heard alot about it and if you weren’t able to watch it, here are 13 inspiring photos that will make your jawdrop.
During last total lunar eclipse, the Earth lies directly between the sun and the moon, causing the Earth to cast its shadow on the moon. If Earth didn’t have an atmosphere, then, when the moon was entirely within Earth’s shadow, the moon would would appear black, perhaps even invisible.

Check out the 13 most incredible super-moon photos you probably haven't seen before! Link in bio #redmoon #fullmoon #moon #wherecoolthingshappen

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Dwarfed. Feeling small on a Monday. Full moon rising over Bondi #supermoon #bondi

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Amazing night 📷 by @independentcbh #supermoon #bloodmoon

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spent all night staring at the sky

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Moonrise over the Sacré-Coeur As the moon is a trending topic today, I thought it is the right time to share with you my luckiest and favourite nightshot ever ! I took it last year on September 10th while I was on a private rooftop. That day, I was shooting the Iron Lady and suddenly when I turned around, I saw this big moon rising over the Sacre Coeur … It was unbelievable to see it live ! The moon was exactly as shown in the picture, not edited nor photoshopped ! At that time, I was beginning using my DSLR and did not know that there was an app that could tell me where the moon was rising. That’s why I was totally lucky to be at the right place at the right time ! This was the little story behind this shot :) Thanks for reading ! #sacrecoeur #montmartre

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Partial eclipsed moon rising from Cedar Mountain. #supermoon #eclipse (Photo by Robb Hannawacker) -etw

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