A Pair of leak-proof Panties That Could Change the World

Three women have created a way to change that. Twin sisters Radha and Miki Agrawal and friend Antonia Dunbar designed the self-absorbing THINX underwear, which eliminates the need for tampons or pads.


Their patented technology, THINX QuadTECH, has four layers. First is a moisture-removing layer, then a stain-resistant anti-microbial layer, then the equivalent of a pad, which “can hold up to 2 to 6 teaspoons of blood (or blue liquid, if you’re shooting a sanitary pad commercial),” followed lastly by a leak-resistant layer. And these magical panties come in three different styles: Thong, Cheeky or Hiphugger, ranging in price from $24 to $34. Better still, they can go in the cold cycle of the washing machine (with a recommended hand-rinse beforehand).


Currently, the panties come in three styles: Thong, Cheeky and Hiphugger. Could it BE any better? Watch the whole story here!

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