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This Tiger didn’t eat this Goat made him a Good friend

This Tiger is able to prey on goats and rabbits. But recently, the tiger got the goat, which he is not wanted, and all because the goat was very brave. Goat nobody...


Watch in Pictures Soha Ali Khan Showing Off Dog Puppy Love

Watch in Pictures Soha Ali Khan Showing Off Dog Puppy Love

owl-and-mushrooms-tanja-brandt-1 (1)

Watch the Pictures of Adorable Owl Hiding from the Rain

This super adorable photo of an owl hiding from rain under a mushroom went viral, everyone loved the cute tiny owl in an instance. This great shot was captured by...

whale help

This man helped a whale with life-threatening plastic bag

An Australian man helped a whale that had a life-threatening plastic bag and fishing line stuck near it’s mouth. The fisherman decided to help the animal and...


This Man Saved This Gorilla Years Ago. Watch Reunion after 10 Years

This man had saved this gorilla when it was younger, and then released it back into the wild. Ten years later, he went to see the gorilla. He didn’t expect the...

relaxed owl

Watch the Most Relaxed Owl The World Has Ever Seen till now

Watch the Most Relaxed Owl The World Has Ever Seen till now. Looks like the old was on mission and now taking rest after such a hard work.

puppies meet baby animals

What happened when Puppies Meet Baby Animals

Puppy Chow in association with Huffington Post brings you beautiful video in which cute puppies were making friends with other animals like Frogs, pigs, Bunny, Ducks...


Aadhar Employee Arrested For Issuing An Aadhar Card For His Dog

Azam Khan who works as Aadhar enrollment supervisor has recently been arrested for making aadhar card for his dog named Tony Singh. Azam Khan violated the Indian Govt...

rabbit snake fight

Check How Mommy Rabbit fights with Snake to save the bunnies

This mother rabbit darts across the yard and wrestles with the snake as it tries to slither away. In the background, you can hear a kid cheering for the rabbit, who do...


Pole dancers challenge dog meat festival with provocative photo series

A series of photos created by members of China’s National Pole Dancing Team and dance troupe Pole 11 aiming to raise public awareness about animal rights has triggered...