Bank Chor trailer watch Riteish Deshmukh & Vivek Oberoi

Bank robbery films have always been cool, sexy & dangerous. And the legacy of the Dhoom franchise is testimony to that. Now Y-Films is all set to destroy that with their new feature, BANKCHOR.

Presenting the most noticeably awful bank chor EVER: Champak Chandrakant Chiplunkar, a straightforward Marathi manoos played by Riteish Deshmukh who picks the most noticeably bad day conceivable to victimize a bank. To aggravate matters, he selects 2 morons from Delhi who’ve never at any point picked a pocket in their lives. Presently finish that off with the craziest group of prisoners including a nervous housewife, a hyper cook, a conceivably covert cop… and Baba Sehgal [yeah, Thanda Pani wala!]. How might it be more regrettable, isn’t that so?

Off-base! Enter extreme as nails supercop, CBI officer Amjad Khan played by Vivek Anand Oberoi, who shoots first and investigates later. Also, a frantic media carnival outside driven by form journo turned wrongdoing journalist Gayatri Ganguly otherwise known as Gaga played by Rhea Chakraborty. What’s more, you know the Bankchors are up for the most noticeably awful day of their lives. However. The film guarantees to be an insane crazy ride with rushes, chills and unquestionably heaps of spills.

Self-confessedly India’s STUPIDEST comic thriller, Bank Chor, coordinated by Bumpy and delivered by Ashish Patil, is good to go to humiliate its producers when it discharges in theaters on June 16. The trailer of the film is out on today and will be in theaters from June 12. It would be ideal if you share it. Pretty please.

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