Creative and Unique Advertisements Ads You’ll Love to See

We have found 15 advertisements for you, which wants to see twice. Even in triplicate. Some ads are so clever, you don’t even mind that they’re ads. Here’s a few of them.


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Come with a story and walk away with the other. Book exchange.

Snow White and the Sherlock

SUV Jeep.

Husky and a camel

Foot Cream Boots.

For sexual knees

Cat food Whiskas.

Eyes or canned

After 35 years, about 5 billion people on the planet will be deprived of water. So just going to look at it?


Makes it sound sexy since 2006.

Headphones AIAIAI

Headphones Sennheiser.

Smile more often

elease the skin from the animal vegetation. Advertising razor Schick.


Do not write an SMS while driving.

You see the letter R or a girl

That is swept!

Canadian water park

Advertising condoms Durex.

Lights, camera, action!

Just look smart. Optics Ozeal.

E = mc2

Shampoo Garnier Fructis.

For all hair types

William Shakespeare in headphones.


Advertising Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Night of Museums

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