Delhi Woman Who Tried To Rape An Auto Driver, Arrested Now

A Delhi Woman Who Tried To Rape An Auto Driver, today has been arrested by the delhi Police. A 32 year old Women From South Delhi forced an auto driver to have sex with auto driver while her tanzanian friend tried to make thier MMS is on a Run.

According to the Auto Driver Umesh Prasad, Ranu Lalwani hired his auto from saket and wanted to got to Arjun nagar. At the destination Ranu paid the money then she invited him to her flat. She offered him water to drink and then she locked the door and asked for sex from the driver which he denied.
Then she tried to offer wine and threw herself on hm. She tore his clothes, tried to kiss him while her Tanzanian friend named Hitija filmed the entire act.

Luckily when the women were distracted, Umesh jumped from the first floor and escaped away. Due to this his foot get fractured. Later he informed police about this activity and police arrested from her residence.


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