HCL Sent Her A Recruitment Letter After 3 Years Her reply was Marvelous

After 3 Years, HCL Sent Her A Recruitment Letter to join the company. But wait instead of accepting the offer, she replied to HCL and her response was perfect. she posted her reply at the Twitter page also.
Here’s the full picture and the text below.

hclgirly (1)


Dear HCL,

Reasons for declining the offer:

1. I was recruited along with 40 other people in September 2011 during campus recruitment. After the recruitment, we missed out on all the opportunities to attend all the recruitment drives of other companies. Do you even realize you have spoiled the lives of bright, intelligent minds whom you recruited?! Do you realize that you have ruined the lives of so many poor Indian students whose families were relying on the student’s job for next day bread?

2. It seems very obvious that you are rolling out the appointment letter based on the current market condition of the company. Given the history of the company, I know that you will push people out of the company the moment the condition gets worse. It is also evident your stocks will crash because no company can last long in the market with such an unethical foundation.

3. It is almost 3 years after the recruitment that you are sending this appointment letter. I even forgot that I was placed in HCL. Moreover, you are asking me to accept the offer in 3 days while you took almost 3 years to send out your joining date?!?

4. I am appalled at the treatment you give to the candidates you recruited! You send out the joining letter this late and you don’t even mention an apology from your side for it??

For a company of good (former) reputation, I am shocked at how HCL treats it’s future employees.

Thanks for teaching patience to me.

Happily declining the offer.


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