Hot and Sexy Photos of Terra Surroor Actress Farah Karimaee

Himesh Reshammiya is back with a bang with the trailer of his upcoming movie Teraa Surroor and this time his co-actress is non other than Farah Karimaee . Well all must be wondering who is she? Well she started her career as a model and acted in “Parachute Advanced Body Lotion New Ad”. She was than recognised by Music Superstar Himesh Resammiya. Himesh has cast her as a leading actress in the movie. She plays the role of Taraa in the movie.

Watch out the Hot and Sexy photos of Farah Karimaee


Farah-Karimaee-Terra-surroor-Hot-Actress- 1 Farah-Karimaee-Terra-surroor-Hot-Actress- 2 Farah-Karimaee-Terra-surroor-Hot-Actress- 3 Farah-Karimaee-Terra-surroor-Hot-Actress- 4 Farah-Karimaee-Terra-surroor-Hot-Actress- 5 Farah-Karimaee-Terra-surroor-Hot-Actress- 6 Farah-Karimaee-Terra-surroor-Hot-Actress- 7 Farah-Karimaee-Terra-surroor-Hot-Actress- 8 Farah-Karimaee-Terra-surroor-Hot-Actress- 9 Farah-Karimaee-Terra-surroor-Hot-Actress- 10 Farah-Karimaee-Terra-surroor-Hot-Actress- 11 Farah-Karimaee-Terra-surroor-Hot-Actress- 12 Farah-Karimaee-Terra-surroor-Hot-Actress- 13 Farah-Karimaee-Terra-surroor-Hot-Actress- 14 Farah-Karimaee-Terra-surroor-Hot-Actress- 15 Farah-Karimaee-Terra-surroor-Hot-Actress- 18


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