Amazon funny Review

Louis Vuitton Bag Funny Reviews at Amazon

Amazon is an online shopping marketplace and always tries to amaze with Amazing Deals. But with deals, funny reviews also comes. Here comes the top Funny Reviews that was posted by Amazon Users.
It all happened when Amazon Posted Louis Vuitton for Vogue Handbag (Red) at their website.
Here are the top comments…

Amazon funny Review



1.   i sold mine and all of my neighbours kidneys so i could gift…..

Amazon funny Review1



2. Just bought it my roomate`s gf and he is very very…..

Amazon funny Review2



3. So I decided to gift my girlfriend a gift that was out of….


Amazon funny Review3



4. Whenever a job interviewer will……………

Amazon funny Review4


5. This is a product that is so much cheaper than a Hermes…..

Amazon funny Review5

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