Sonu Nigam on Aadesh Shrivastava’s demise

As we Previously reported Aadesh Shrivastava passed away on September 5 and now Sonu Nigam share his reaction on twittet.


He tweeted: “Good morning everyone. I know you know Aadesh bhai left us finally after a very brave battle against the dreaded disease. He was one of my closest friends and we have done some remarkable work together. Beyond all that, we would hit it like a house on fire. We have laughed like no one’s business since we shared a common sense of humour…”

He continued, “It’s hard to believe that he won’t be there anymore. I remember how he sent me his picture from hospital when he had his relapse this time.. Underneath was written, “Mere Chhota bhaai,love you” He was so full of life, i have yet to see another man who has his traits. My heart wrenches in grief for having lost a friend, a brother. I also look deep inside myself today, even more than I ever did, to see where is it that everyone goes from the inside hidden secret path .. .. for there certainly resides the Absolute One. Rip #AadeshShrivastava.”

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