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A guy who was masturbating to girls later arrested by Mumbai police

It happened on tuesday when a guy on a bike who was following two girls in an auto started masturbating while looking at them. The girls took picture and tweeted this...


Watch the Hot & Sexy kingfisher calendar Girls of Year 2016

Year 2016 started and everybody was expecting the launch of kingfisher calendar girls for year 2016. This time also Kingfisher came out with 5 Hot & Sexy models who...

kya kool hai hum 3

This is How Delhi Girls reaction on Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 Trailer

Watch amazing reactions of Delhi girls and Delhi couples on the naughty trailer of Kya Kool hain hum 3. If you find this video funny, then share with your friends.


Check out the Reactions of Mumbai girls to Real Sex Toys

So Effin Cray Team showed Mumbai girls sex toys and they had some really funny things to say about it, Have a look. Check out the video to see the reaction of the...


What TURNS ON Indian Girls? Must Watch Video For Guys

Must watch for every guy as they reveal what are the turn ons.  Effin Cray decided to ask around women and find out what turns them on in bed? And guess what?They...


Girls asked him to Massage her Back turned out to be embarrasing

YouTube prankster David Mafra sets up a stunt where a beautiful female actress stuffs a fake manhood down her skimpy bikini and then asks men to smother her with...

Indian-girsl on sext chat

Watch the Reply of Indian Girls About Sexting In India

Indians are very much conservative about discussing the sex openly. Many question came around in my about Indian women like Are they text about sex or they exchange Nude...


Hilarious Video Tells You How Creepy Girls Can Be

In this hilarious video ‘Indian Dope Trick’ tells you how crazy some girls can be! Watch The Pangu Girl | Creepy GIRL by Indian Dope Trick.  

Fridayblockbuster How not to approach Girls

How Not to Approach Girls when you are in Love

This new Video by Old Delhi Films will let you to learn something new when you are in love with a girl. This time they are here to taught How not to approach a girl. How...

indian girls lies

Indian Girls are exposed! Find out here about our lies! Do you lie?

Watch the latest video by Rickshawali  which she is telling about the myth that girls tell in daily life. Indian Girls are exposed in this video.Find out here about...