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A Social Experiment Of RJ Naved Gives Us A Very Important Lesson

Sticks and stones may break our bones but words can also kill. RJ Naved on behalf of Radio Mirchi goes on field and conducts a social experiment – Issued in public...

real prblmens in life

Watch Comparison of two different social and economical backgrounds

The video is a comparison between the two different social and economical backgrounds. Watch the latest video by Old Delhi Flims which show the difference in between...


Watch the video of culture brought out by urbanisation and privatisation in India

A Facebook user, Sanjivani Lanjewar posted a video of a man delivering a speech about the  modern cultures spoiling our country. This man talks about the lack of giving...

fat girl tinder date

A Social Experiment on Fat Girl Tinder Date Must Watch

Simple Pickup come up with a A Social Experiment on Fat Girl Tinder Date.  Must Watch this video.  


Hot Wife’s Hidden Kitchen Secrets Exposed By Her Sick Husband

What would you do when you randomly find something fishy about your wife that you shouldn’t have found at the first place? This film on a House Wife’s Secrets...

women lift harass

Two Guys harassed a girl in the Lift ,See what happens next

Two Guys harassed a girl,what happens next will blow your mind. In today’s world when everyone is out of courage,this girl who was continuously harassed by these...


Homeless Came Back in Ferrari After Restaurant Refused

Josh Paler Lin is a Youtube celebrity who became famous for his social experiments and pranks. In his most recent experiment, he wanted to prove that the public is so...


Kids Were Asked To Slap A Girl and What they do?

Domestic violence is an endemic problem seen in every country, culture, and class. According to ‘International Center for Research on Women’, 65% of surveyed...


Life Without Maggi 2 Minute Silence for Maggi

How will you feel when one day you wake up & find out that Maggi is no more. THE SOCIAL WORKERS have come up with this video which shows the agony of departing from...


Choose your Cause and Make A Difference in Life

We can always choose to help with whatever little we can. Choose your cause and Make A Difference. This is what Giveindia is Trying to say. Choose your Donation and help...