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The World’s Most-Spoken Languages In A Single Infographic

This fascinating infographic elegantly breaks down the world’s most popular languages and the countries in which they are spoken. Specifically, the circle represents the 4.1 billion people around the world who speak one of 23 of the world’s most-spoken languages as their native tongue – the numbers of people speaking an actual language in any given country may actually be higher. It was created for the South China Morning Post by Alberto Lucas Lopez, an infographic journalist. Be sure to view the full-sized version to get all the details!

More info: lucasinfographic.com | Twitter | scmp.com (h/t: designtaxi)


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  • Strange thing to note here. If you counted the number of people in English speaking countries they outnumber Spanish speakers. All people living in Spanish speaking countries are counted as Spanish speakers whereas, English speaking countries non-native speakers are taken off the list even if they need English to earn a living. There are many people in Spanish speaking countries, notably the large permanent expat community in Spain, Bolivia and Paraguay that don’t speak Spanish