Top 15 best examples of Celebrities of Beauty with Brains

Here comes the Top 15 best examples of Celebrities of Beauty with Brains. Check out the list.

1. Natalie Portman 

Profession- Linguist,Lecturer,Psychologist and Scientist and of course an Actress

Natalie Portman-fridayblockbuster

2. Pooja Thakur 

Wing Cdr Pooja Thakur, who has served in the IAF for 13 and a half years, is an administration officer and is posted at its publicity cell, DISHA, at the Delhi Air Headquarters in New Delhi. She is a para jumper, and hails from Rajasthan.

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3. Yalda Hakim 

Broadcast journalist currently working with BBC World News.

Yalda Hakim-fridayblockbuster

4. Jhumpa Lahiri 

won the Pulitzer Prize and was nominated for the Man Booker as well. She has literary masterpieces such as The Namesake and The Lowland under her belt. She has multiple degrees from Boston University as well.

fridayblockbuster-Jhumpa Lahiri

5. Jade Raymond

MD of Ubisoft Toronto and producer of Assassins Creed. This is where the equation “Beauty times Brains = Constant ” breaks down.. and bad!


6. Smita Sabharwal

An uncorrupted Hyderabad based bengali beauty,age 37 who has become thefirst lady IAS officer to be appointed to Chief Minister’s Office in TELANGANA.
She was young, suave, articulate and efficient.

fridayblockbuster-Smita Sabharwal

7. Hedi Lamarr 

She was instrumental in bringing about a revolution in what would in the future be called LTE technology.

fridayblockbuster-Hedi Lamarr

8. Natalia Poklonskaya 

She was appointed Prosecutor General of Crimea on 11 March 2014; a press conference given by Poklonskaya on that day resulted in Poklonskaya becoming an Internet phenomenon. After Crimea annexation her appointment was confirmed by Russian authorities on 25 March 2014, as a result of which Ukrainian judicial authorities declared her as a wanted criminal.

fridayblockbuster-Natalia Poklonskaya

9. Niloofar Rahmani 

23, is the first female pilot in the Afghani military since the fall of the Taliban in 2001 .

fridayblockbuster-Niloofar Rahmani

10. Marissa Mayer

She is an inspiration to me! Stanford graduate, 20th employee at Google, CEO of a $34B company (Yahoo) and a supermom!

fridayblockbuster-Marissa Mayer

11. Tania Sachdev 

She is an Indian chess player, who holds the titles of International Master and Woman Grandmaster.

fridayblockbuster-Tania Sachdev

12. GM Irina Krush 

Irina Krush (Ukrainian: Ірина Круш, Russian: Ири́на Круш; born December 24, 1983) is an American chess International Grandmaster (GM) who has won the U.S. Women’s Chess Championship in 1998,

fridayblockbuster-GM Irina Krush

13. Rania Al-abdullah 

She’s best known for her advocacy work in public health and education. She has graduated from American University. After which she worked in big shot companies like Citibank and Apple computers.

fridayblockbuster-Rania Al-abdullah

14. Pietro Bioselli

He is a 26 year old research student at the University College London with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He is also a successful model in London but had kept this under wraps until a student of his (Arief Azil) did some digging and put up photos of both his professional lives juxtaposed.

fridayblockbuster-Pietro Bioselli

15. Merin Joseph 

Graduated from St. Stephen’s college, Delhi 2011.
Post Graduation from DU, Delhi 2013.
Cleared the civil services examination in her first attempt – 2012, Merin is one of the youngest IPS trainees in her batch.
Current status – Assistant Superintendent of Police, Ernakulam (Rural), Kerala.  

fridayblockbuster-Merin Joseph


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