1) Flirt with each other

Top 20 Sexy Wedding Night Secret to Impress your Wife

Everyone comes under this phase in their Life and It’s Marriage. If It’s your first night as husband and wife. Make it unforgettable with these intimate tips.

1) Flirt with each other

2) Fill your room with fragrance
3) Let him carry you across the threshold.
4) Set the night to music.
5) Slip into something sexy.
6) Make a love list.
7) Feed each other.
8) Use aphrodisiacs.
9) Play BlindFold “Find the Honey.”
10) Get his-and-hers massages.
11) Re-create the first time.
12) Change the lighting.
13) Leave something sexy on the bed.
14) Indulge in playthings.
15) Bliss out in the tub.
16) Relax! Realize the pressure is off.
17) Have a treasure hunt.
18) Stroll down memory lane
19) Paint a rosy future.
20) Do not disturb.

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