Wonder why Rs500 note have 5-5 horizontal embossed black colour lines

Might you have not noticed that Rs.500 INR have 5-5 horizontal embossed black colour lines. But this is to be done for some valid reason and this reason was recently shared by Jagadesh Chandra on Facebook. He wrote..

My daughter who came to India to see us did a withdrawal of Rs. 5000/- from ATM. Of those notes, few notes were having 5-5 horizontal embossed black colour lines at both the edges of notes. And, other notes did not have such lines. So, out of curiosity and suspicion she went in the nearby bank of and asked regarding the 5-5 horizontal lines ? To her surprise (and to our surprise as well), the staff attending on the other side of the desk replied her those 10 embossed lines on both sides are Braille language for blinds ( visual aphasia; alexia; word blindness: inability to perceive written words),. Five lines each side is a new endorsement on the notes so as to make it easy to identify the real (true), 500 rupees note.

In addition if you notice the digits of these are also in increasing order, again to help the visually impaired recognize the notes , There are similar but different codes also on the sides of the Rs. Thousand notes too . I am sure millions of people in our country may not be aware of this fact, so am sharing this experience for you.

It’s a great initiative by Indian Bank so that blind can identify the currency notes.


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