Zomato Shuts Down UrbanSpoon, No more Acquisition

Back in January, Zomato had acquired Urbanspoon and as of yesterday, they bid farewell to them through this intriguing creative which they shared on Twitter and Facebook.

The idea behind this move is to work with one brand, to keep one global identity, and they have kept the Zomato identity. Urbanspoon brings a massive userbase to Zomato, alongwith huge geographies and experience in those geographies.


One of the more bigger changes for UrbanSpoon users will be the discontinuation of multiple-reviewing system. Zomato explains,

We believe that the most recent experience you’ve had at a restaurant is the most relevant one.

While users on Urbanspoon had the choice of giving multiple reviews for a restaurant, they will now have to do with one review per restaurant, a feature which Zomato has employed in apps across all of its other markets. Multiple reviews for the same restaurant from Urbanspoon have been merged into one, broken down by date of submission.

Zomato however is offering you the option to edit that single merged review to reflect the most recent experience you’ve had at that restaurant.

As for newer features, UrbanSpoon Zomato users in the U.S. will now experience its popular ‘Timeline’ feature, which helps you keep track of all the places you eat at, with chronologically sorted reviews, photos, and check-ins. And yes, it is Dineline ‘Been There’ now.

As for SpoonBacks, that feature is being kept alive, albeit in a different avatar. While Spoonbacks are still active, Zomato requires blog posts to be published manually, and a rating to be added to each one, before posts can appear on restaurant pages. You can now also attack pictures to the same to make your review blog more interactive.

Via thetechportal

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